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New Demonstration Garden Supports Families in Ambikapur

Working in cooperation with volunteers from the Canadian NGO Fertile Ground, a new project was launched early in 2011 in Ambikapur, a remote area in northeast Assam.  The project will help families in the area better meet their nutritional needs, provide training and create a potential source of income through sale of agricultural crops.
Using locally available materials, families can prepare natural fertilizer which can be used to add important nutrients to the soil, and increase its water-holding capacity.  Chopped banana stem, paddy straw, gobar, green leaves, mustard seed husks and other materials are placed on the ground in 6" layers, gently watered, and covered to keep off the rain and sun.  After about 3 weeks, to speed up decomposition of the materials, the pile is turned.  When the weather is warm, it takes about 6 to 8 weeks to prepare the finished fertilizer.  It can be used to create raised beds for planting, or spread on existing fields to improve the soil.